Unlocking Your Potential Begins With Daring

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Actionable Insights

This story begins with a book you’ve probably never heard of, from a time before you were probably born. A book that has sat prominently in every office I’ve inhabited in my career. The book is “I Dare You!,” written in 1931 by celebrated St. Louisan William H. Danforth. I picked it up the other day from its place in my newest office, and was delighted to be reacquainted with the long thread of sparks in my life, and the lives of others before me, that have formed this particular piece of the foundation of Glowe Connective. At the heart of this story is the message that you have the unique power to change your path as a leader – and it begins with daring.

Raise your internal voice

Before I ever imagined Glowe, before I left the small town where I grew up and ultimately became a St. Louisan myself (Coincidence?), my late father bought the book at a yard sale and gave it to me when I was struggling for inspiration while writing a valedictorian application speech in high school. “I Dare You!” held meaning for me then, and now, many evolutions of self later, I still feel connected to its message. And, I’m ready to iterate.

Embracing the essence of his book, my spin on it is this: instead of I Dare You!, how about flipping it and internalizing it to say, “I Dare Me!” By doing this, you are harnessing the courage to listen to your internal voice. What is your internal voice daring you to do? And why do you keep suppressing it?

I dare me… 

to step out of my comfort zone

to acknowledge my superpowers

to surrender to what is

to envision what could be

At Glowe, it is our imperative to hold space for daring to emerge by building a structure for vulnerable exploration of questions like these. We create conditions where daring can be primarily driven by you, not any external force. Together, we create a new reality where limitations and boundaries can be suspended for long enough to allow your true potential, and that of your company, to emerge.

Continue the tradition of daring

We certainly aren’t the first people to ask questions that spark a revelation of truth, produce a moment of inspiration, or set change in motion. And frankly, neither was William H. Danforth. We’re all part of a long line of advocates of daring, and we invite you to say “I Dare Me!” today, tomorrow, and as often as you need. 

We eagerly await the magic you’ll unleash!