about glowe

We believe there is a better way – that people deserve to be energized, rather than depleted, by their life and work. Helping people access this regenerative energy is our purpose – this is what we call “glowe.”

At the same time, there is a shift is happening: everyone is rethinking how to operate companies in a way that respects the humanity at the heart of business. We created Glowe Connective to help people navigate the shift and achieve transformational growth in the process.

We’re based in St. Louis, and creating a growing network of clients, coaches, and consultants across the United States.

our approach

who we are

Our philosophy is unique: We value self-awareness, alignment, and honoring the value of time and energy. We listen more than we speak. We uncover, activate, and amplify the best in you and your business, rather than fixating on the worst. We are your co-creators, shifting between the roles of strategist, teammate, and coach. In order to help you achieve the transformation you envision, we dedicate ourselves to learning what it’s like to be inside the business while also bringing a fresh, innovative outside perspective.

We help businesses of all sizes with needs both large and small: aligning on mission and vision, rethinking product-market fit, identifying financial strategies, creating efficiencies through process and structure, and attracting and empowering the right people to your team, to name a few.

And we work 1-on-1 with individuals through coaching and powerful, unique experiences designed to accelerate your path to gloweing.

what we help you create

the glowe effect

When you glowe, you wake up every day with enough energy for yourself, others, and your business. You can provide the momentum not only to keep things moving forward, but also to continue evolving and breaking new ground. You dedicate yourself to keeping your people at the center with a vision that inspires and focuses energy, a culture of trust that encourages and rewards innovation and individuality, and the structure, process and technology that let people do their best work. With Glowe Connective, you can experience regenerative energy while leading your company to transformational growth.

are you ready to begin your journey?