kim bolourtchi


Kim loves to help others maximize their potential, achieving far more than they ever thought possible. Within businesses, she brings her passion, energy and experience to help leaders create thriving cultures where people love to work, so that transformative growth can be unlocked. Known for her innovative approach to leadership development, team building, conflict resolution, and organizational excellence, Kim has served as Founder, CEO and Managing Member for a number of highly successful organizations, and has guided multiple startups to multi-million dollar revenue streams.

Kim’s career is a testament to the transformative potential of leaning into your superpowers: she has managed a thriving law practice, served as the Director of Leadership and Professional Development for a Top 20 law school, and created life-changing courses that empower rising and seasoned professionals to align with their gifts and move past obstacles to success. She is a top rated professor at Maryville University, and the founder of the non-profit UNMUTED. She hosts the weekly podcast “Boldly Stated,” and her book “Truly Inspired: Secrets for Finding Extraordinary Success at Work,” is being used as a roadmap for professionals in all stages of life and career transition. And, she is a national champion Latin dancer who continues to host workshops that leverage the incredible power of physical movement to unleash confidence and success.