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As your Chief Synergy Officer, we help you gain momentum for taking yourself or your business to the next level. We see each engagement as a unique commitment, and remain integrated with you as long as it makes sense.

whitney kenter

CEO & Founder

Whitney’s wheelhouse is unbounded visionary creativity, audacity to dream big, and the corralling of energy to unlock value and potential in people and businesses. With more than two decades of experiences in business advisory, financial services and executive leadership, Whitney has led highly successful entrepreneurial businesses and organizations in the roles of CEO, Managing Member, and Board Member.

Most recently, Whitney was a founding Managing Member of Matter Family Office, an industry-leading national wealth management firm uniquely positioned to advise highly successful families. Whitney was responsible for the leadership of the firm’s culture, people, branding, communication, and strategic initiatives. Under her leadership for more than 10 years, Matter navigated exceptional growth, and was recognized as the top multi-family office in the country.

Whitney has also brought her passion to inspire, create, and connect to her roles as a Board Member of House of Genius, Venture Cafe St. Louis, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, and the St. Louis United Way, an advisor to NEXUS Global Summit, a member of Summit, and as a U.S. Fringe Diplomacy Partnership Opportunity Delegate to Cuba.


celeste o’brien


Celeste is a multidisciplinary leader with experience in change management, communications, marketing, people and culture. She is a strategic thought catalyst who is passionate about bridging people and ideas with love and understanding. The high-stakes nature of her first career in education demanded a mindset of urgency and rapid innovation, and this is the foundation of her work in business. She excels at moving ahead, whether the next steps are direct, or have yet to be defined.

Celeste’s passion for people and talent began in her four years as a Teach For America middle school math teacher in St. Louis Public Schools. During the following seven years at Matter Family Office, she built a culturally aligned framework for hiring, employee engagement, and professional development that allowed Matter to consistently hire and retain top industry talent. She also supported internal and external marketing and communications, brand management, culture, talent, and strategy.


nina geers

brand manager

Nina is a brand champion who approaches her work through an anthropological lens. She is passionate about crafting her career in a way that feels connected to human purpose, and helping others do the same. Her education, as well as sales background, shaped her passion for exploring and defining the interdependent relationship between branding, mission, and corporate culture. 

Recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Nina wields a transdisciplinary education in Anthropology, Sustainability, and Design. She possesses experience as a social media strategist, specifically working alongside mission-driven businesses to align their external image with internal values. In addition to her work at Glowe, Nina also manages Shop Descendant, a sustainable brand based around integrating the principles of ritual and care into daily dressing; and runs King Girl Cakes, a hyper-femme vintage-inspired cake company.

jim stevenson

Jim has provided leadership, mentorship, and consultancy to companies around the world for more than 20 years. With a passion for the power of combining a future-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset with the alignment between culture, vision, and strategy, Jim is particularly drawn to providing leadership in complex, challenging, or uncertain situations. Jim helps companies grow and transform through creating highly engaging, customer-centric, data-driven, and purpose-informed cultures; fostering alignment among leaders, employees, investors, and other stakeholder groups; and implementing innovative tech strategies to create and preserve value. Jim steps in to play the role that’s needed – whether that is as an interim or fractional C-Suite leader, a coach, or a consultant.

Jim has worked with national and international corporations, including Bacardi Global Brands, The Guardian, Marks & Spencer, Selfridges, News Corp, BBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. He has also advised start-ups, VC/PE and family-owned businesses looking to transform. Currently, Jim leads the two consultancy groups he founded, Bletchley Group and Tech Startup Machine. He serves as a Chairperson of international healthcare company Vala Health and is a Partner of Spark International, a boutique Corporate Finance and M&A firm.


stephanie martinez

For nearly 30 years, Stephanie has been studying the relationship between holistic wellness and business. She is a gifted practitioner who combines body and energy work with her practical business-building knowledge to guide leaders in finding practical solutions for creating a centered life. She is particularly passionate about helping those who are feeling plateaued or blocked to engage in the discovery and healing processes that allow them to reach their full potential.

In 2012, Stephanie founded Ortho Touch Therapy, a solo massage therapy business which she grew into a multi-practitioner, multi-service wellness center. Having experienced the range of roles many business owners take on, she is excited to spend more time focusing on the one-on-one coaching work that energizes her most.


molly vaile

Molly is a time-bender for high-growth stage companies, differentiated in her willingness to say “Can I go with you? Let’s chart this path together.” She works with leaders to co-create clear vision, aligned brand experiences, practices and procedures, and tactical implementation strategies that are efficient and sustainable. Her all-in partnership approach is intelligent, intuitive, and innovative, characterized by an exceptional ability to listen, synthesize, and produce results.

Molly has been leveraging her unique right-brain meets left-brain approach to create distinguished order from disorder in business for more than 20 years. Her experiences have ranged across sectors: Executive Director of wndr museum, Executive Director and Vice President roles at J.P. Morgan Private Bank, global exposure with the US Ski & Snowboard Team and Foundation, and serving as a Corps Member with Americorps. Molly is the Founder and CEO of Vaile Ventures, LLC, a growth strategy consultancy, and gives the support of her time and mentorship to several Colorado community organizations.