re-align your career

Let’s reimagine the role work plays in your life. Then together we will craft a clear vision of what meaningful, fulfilling work looks like for you so you can take action to make meaningful changes in your career.

Got 30 Minutes to Chat?

Just by setting time with me to focus your intention, you’re beginning the process of change. At the end of our conversation, we can decide if we should work together or not. But no matter what, you’ll walk away inspired and hopeful.

four meetings to spark change

[01] Defining Your Glowe

I help you identify what must be in place for you to be the best version of yourself, in your life and in your work. We can integrate any prior assessments and coaching work you’ve done, so that we build on any prior investments you’ve made.


[02] Your Meaningful Career Overview

I’ll share a framework for expressing what’s most important to you in your work and in your life. Together we’ll fill in the “uniquely you” details, and you’ll learn how to use it to make decisions about what comes next both within your current role, and when thinking about your next one.


[03] The Reverse Job Description

I’ll help you create a blueprint for your next role that gets very specific about your non-negotiables, and holds space for the areas where you might feel more open to new, or various, options.


[04] Next Steps

We’ll agree on concrete, aligned next steps, whether that’s applying, learning, exploring, connecting, or something more.

the investment

What you’ll get for $1500:

*Four 1-on-1 sessions

*What Makes You Glowe summary

*Your customized Meaningful Career Framework

*Reverse Job Description

*Ideas, inspiration, and connections for next steps