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We help your business reach its highest potential.

Our mission is to help you eliminate burnout, re-energize yourself as a leader, and put your company on the path to sustainable growth.

Our approach is unconventional: everything we do comes from our core belief that human energy is your most important resource.

We’re here to help you harness that perspective and transform the way you do business.


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“The challenges of today’s world are answered by people who are fully supported in doing their best work. We join your team as a leveraged executive partner and help you tap into people as your most powerful available energy source by harmonizing vision, strategy, superpowers, and systems. Our outside perspective disrupts entrenched ways of thinking to help you uncover the driving force behind your goals. Then, we help put your “why” into action.”

Whitney Kenter, Glowe Founder & CEO

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integrated consulting

We go all-in with you to help you clarify and accomplish your most critical priorities. We call this role the Chief Synergy Officer: an outside perspective and growth catalyst who partners with you to clarify and align brand, strategy, and people so your organization lives up to the full potential you envision – and your legacy as a leader can come to fruition.

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executive coaching

We help you feel energized to lead again. With our interdisciplinary coaching methodology, we help you eliminate burnout and lean into your unique superpowers so you can inspire your team, do your best work, and experience the quality of life you deserve.

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workshops and facilitation

We create customized experiences to help you and your team take a quantum leap toward your most important goals. We love leaning into different frameworks and methodologies to find what resonates for your team: DiSC, Human Design, Flow State, and Emergenetics are some we’ve used in the past, and we love to add new ones to our toolkit!

why we do what we do

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The Case for Clarity

The Case for Clarity

If your goal as a leader is to maximize time, energy, productivity, and results- clarity is everything. Clarity speeds up decision making, encourages ingenuity, improves productivity, maximizes time and energy, gets rid of waste, and increases the bottom line exponentially. It helps people anticipate and avoid pitfalls, and spot opportunities. It creates trust and makes people feel valued and valuable. Clarity literally transforms cultures, and leads the charge in employee retention.

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Let’s Think Differently about Recession

Let’s Think Differently about Recession

I know – there’s probably a little nervous flutter in your stomach just thinking about it. We get it. Most every article that has crossed your screen has been marked by bold, red, statements – “Prepare for the Worst,” “Beware of Inflation,” “The Unpredictable is Coming”.

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Where you’ll be

it’s your time to glowe

It’s time to transform your business. We see the potential that a new kind of energy brings and can help you uncover where to find those reserves. Chances are, you already feel the need for this shift, but haven’t been able to unlock your full potential on your own. We’re here to help you begin your journey toward a thriving, balanced way of doing business.