Bring Mindfulness to Work as a Co-Creator

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Flow

I first heard the word “co-create” in a personal development app called Socreates. It was used in the exact same way I would usually expect to use the word “interact.” But it sparked a big “aha” moment for me: we never truly interact without creating something. So, thinking of yourself as a co-creator is a powerful way to bring more mindfulness to your interactions, and to amplify your impact.

With great power comes great responsibility

You’re always bringing something to life when you work with others, whether it’s a feeling, a thought, or a new idea. Consider the most seemingly mundane “interactions,” such as passing a coworker in the hallway. Even in these small moments, you are briefly co-creating with another person. You are molding a tiny piece of each other’s worldview, and building a positive or negative (or neutral) experience. And you are setting the stage for the next micro-interaction in your day or theirs. Just through the act of entering someone’s space, you have an effect on them.

The effect can be even greater in a longer interaction, like an important meeting or brainstorming session. As a leader, you have an amplified ability to affect the energy of a room. You’ve probably noticed that the words and body language you choose can have a significant impact on the outcome. Think of how it feels to hear “You really messed that up” vs. “How might you try this differently next time?” Or “Here’s what we are going to do” vs. “I have some ideas about what we should do next, and I’m interested to hear your thoughts as well.” There is often more than one way to say the same thing – so why not choose one that invites new perspective and creativity? Now imagine if everyone took on responsibility for creating something constructive rather than destructive – it would be quite powerful!

Making an impact through connection

We are all connected – hence the word “Connective” in our name. It is through our connection and interaction that we are able to co-create, and bring the potential of individuals and businesses into reality. At Glowe, we see our engagements as beginning the moment we first interact with a client, regardless of whether a formal agreement to work together has been made. This is because by interacting, we are co-creating, and neither of us can help but begin to make small changes based on each other’s influence. 

Our trajectory as people and as a business is built from these thousands of interactions. If we think of ourselves as co-creators and not just consultants or coaches, then our job becomes infinitely more interesting. Now, we know we are not meant only to introduce change into an organizational system, but to acknowledge and grow through how our interactions with that system have changed us as well.

Becoming a better co-creator

Shifting the trajectory of your business begins with you. We built Glowe Connective with the thesis that by helping leaders glowe, we can help companies glowe, and therefore enable more people to have a balanced life. We’re all co-creating, the only difference between you and other people is that now you’re aware of it, and able to use your power for good. What will you do with your power today?